Manifest Destiny’s Child

Streaming October 24 – November 8, 2020
poster art by Kes Maro

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“Dennis Trainor Jr., delivers a sharp, honest, and direct commentary on the two party political system in America, while providing a barbed critique of American Exceptionalism… The provocative performance comes well timed, preceding the pivotal 2020 presidential election.” – DigBoston

Written and Performed by Dennis Trainor Jr
Directed by Trainor and Jeff Wise

About the show:
From the Communications Director of Jill Stein’s flawed but well-intentioned 2016 Presidential campaign, Manifest Destiny’s Child is a true story about the intersection of movement building and electoral politics. In this new solo show, Dennis Trainor Jr takes a pickaxe to the pillars holding up the toxic myth of American Exceptionalism in a provocative, intelligent, and humorous meditation on how America lost its way and woke up in Trumplandia.

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