Joe Paterno, Penn State Riots and the Occupy Movement

Students at Penn State University refuse to take what they view as a gross miscarriage of justice lying down.

Their beloved great grandfather figure Joe PA, or as he will heretofore be known:  Joe – “I’m not going to let a little boy rape soil the reputation of my legacy or football program” Paterno was fired yesterday.

The student body, filled with blind loyalty to their patriarch, righteous outrage, and no small amount of peppermint schnapps took to the streets and rioted, overturning this news van:


  1. Up your Trainor! That stadium scene where fans were enjoying a football game was the exact same scene on every other campus too. So stuff your idiotic straw man BS up your butt!

    How hypocritical for you to believe the MSM propaganda over the truth. If you had bothered to do your job, which is to ferret out the truth, you would have discovered that Paterno was the only one involved in this three ring circus who did do the right thing. He is being used as a scapegoat by the administration for their coverup crimes.

    There is a reason why Penn State football program has never been involved with singe scandal the entire time Paterno was their coach. That reason is because he was and remains one of the most moral college football coaches of all time. His record speaks for itself.

    After this witch hunt is over, there will be many apologies that will need to be given to Paterno. Yours is only one of them.

  2. How ironic that the upper 1% PSU Directors choose to pass the guilt off on Paterno, and you go along with it. You’re just just another sheeple. Pathetic!

  3. At what point did Dennis suggest that only Paterno should be punished for this? Paterno WAS part of the cover up! Years passed after he told the trustees, and nothing was done! If he were truly a morally upright individual, he would have gone to the police, or to the press, regardless of whatever effect it would have had on his career or the program. How can you not see this?!? It’s unbelievably simple!

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