Obama’s MLK Problem

I bet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would have traded a memorial for a world in which his country did not hold the title of undisputed greatest purveyor of violence in the world for – wouldn’t you?

And yet, along with the celebration, at the dedication of the MLK memorial (now being rescheduled due to hurricane) the irony will be thick, and somewhat sickening. President Obama- he who holds the Nobel peace prize while simultaneously serving the commander on chief of a country waging overt war in at least five countries- it is hard to keep track – will speak, knowing full well that if King were alive today, he would be leading the charge of the growing culture of resistance that is building in this country.

What the President should know is that a growing number of people will learn from the example of MLK’s life and no longer sit on the sidelines but throw their bodies on the gears of your empire until it comes down.

Because the US is still the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today, and that is no ones dream; it is a nightmare.