Evicted OWS Protesters to NYPD: “What The Fuck?”

Rossi Meacham (singing vocals & playing Mandolin) told me that this song was made up on the spot. The feeling I got while near Zuccoti park right after the eviction was that he NYPD can evict protesters from the park, but the spirit of the movement cannot be crushed.

Just the opposite. This will only galvanize the movement. I ran back to do a quick edit of this short video and I’m heading back to OWS’s new home (for the moment) Foley Square.

Check back here for updates later in the day.



  1. good quote “all these dictators- anti blow back.” Like Woody said on his guitar- This Machine Kills Fascism,” or in military parlance WTF,

  2. So proud of Rossi and know his Dad would be too…I can almost hear him laughing. Go OWS, go Rossi!

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