AcronymTV 30 OCT 12: Frankenstorm, The Stolen Election of 2012, & an Open Letter to John Kerry

On today’s show:
– A Franklestorm batters the east coast (can you spell climate change?)
– How the 2012 election was- er I mean is stolen
– My personal correpsndence with Senator John Kerry.

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  1. Good stuff. I’ve missed your show. You got some good points. I don’t think Kerry will listen to your plea and your comment as to why not is spot on. It’s very likely that this election will be stolen, but that might be a good thing. If Romney wins, then he’ll be responsible for the economic disaster that will occur next year. Think of all the fun you’ll have with that.

    1. Thanks – and glad to be back. No, I imagine Kerry won’t listen to my plea, but then, what “good” Democrat will? This election is going to be crazy. I’m voting for Jill Stein, myself, but I do think the voting machines will be tampered with … stay tuned.

      1. Yes, it is very likely that the Repugnantcans and RepubLieCons will attempt to steal the presidential election again in 2012 after two successful thefts in 2000 (Florida) and 2004 (Ohio). The Bible teaches us that “thou shall not steal” as part of the 10 Commandments, but these are merely “suggestions” to the conservative men who crave both power and control. It should be of great concern to know that Tagg Romney’s company is the same one that is responsible for the voting machines in Ohio; the Mormons are known for their deception and immorality because it was practiced by their savior and messiah: Josehp Smith. It would be nice if the American people responded with anger and violence toward all of the voter suppression and fraud, but they are either too demoralized or too lzay; the Repugnancants are counting on this as part of their plan. The other issue is the problem with low information voters and “value” voters who have been unknowingly voting against their economic self-interests since the 1980 election of St. Ronald Raygun (“Ray” is in reference to the rays of sunshine and smoke that he blew up the big butts of the American people for 8 years, and “gun” refers to the fact that Reagan continued pandering to the NRA in spite of the fact that he was nearly killed by a gun in March of 1981). The American people will continue to be duped.

  2. Yes, the machines are the latest instrument in the tampertally tool box, but it most certainly isn’t the first, nor the last. There’s been a late surge by the Reps to push Obama over the top so that they can be ready in 2016. It seems like Romney has no friends.

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