Hugo Chávez – The Threat of a Good Example (Cindy Sheehan Interview)


The death of Hugo Chavez has done little to soften the scorn lavished on him by the main stream media here in the United States- a few examples of editorial bias in recent days include the headline Death of a Demagogue” on Time’s home page March 6. As FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) notes: “If world leaders were judged by the sheer volume of corporate media vitriol and misinformation about their policies, Chávez would be in a class of his own.”

On March 5 CNN host Anderson Cooper declared it was “the death of a world leader who made America see red, and NBC Nightly news Brian Williams said “The words ‘Venezuelan strongman’ so often preceded his name, and for good reason,” while on ABC World News (3/5/13), viewers were told that “many Americans viewed him as a dictator.”

We talk with Cindy Sheehan about the Bolivarian Revolution and the legacy of Hugo Chavez.