When Corporations Are People, #WeNeedaDemocracyMovementToFixThisShit! [001]

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Adbusters_CorporateAmericaFlagAt the time of the first Presidential election in 1789, only 6 percent of the population–white, male property owners–was eligible to vote. Those same 6% were the ones who were “WE THE PEOPLE” protected by the Constitution.

However horrifically undemocratic that all sounds consider this: in the time when white men in wigs wearing knickers, roamed the halls of congress, corporations, my friend, were not people.

Ah how times have changed. In the 150 years of Supreme Court cases leading up to the Citizens Unites ruling, corporations now have the constitutional rights of persons. In fact, they got that right before women got the right to vote and way before we let African Americans drink out of the same water fountains as the whites.  I mean, when corporations are f*cking people the fact is that corporations are going to be f*cking people, am I right?


  1. There are tons of articles. Economic Hitmen and their effect in other countries, the differences between Chinese bankers who commit crimes and Western bankers who commit crimes, the false enemies of the US, how the fed really holds the purse strings of the US economy, millions more.

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