X-Keyscore, Manning, and Dream Defenders Reveal a Government Afraid of the People | Resistance Report 002

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Resistance Report 002 covers X Key Score, The Bradley Manning sentencing phase, the Dream Defenders continued occupation of the Florida State Capitol Building, Hunger Strikers storm Washington and Fast Food Strikers demand a living wage.
The Resistance Report is a production of Acronym TV  in partnership with PopularResisatnce.org
In this week’s episode:

7snow_den_ed111_2Bradley Manning
The trial of Bradley Manning, a political prisoner of conscience who bravely came forward to reveal illegal, immoral and unethical acts committed by the United States government has shifted to the sentencing phase, after Judge Denise Lind found Manning guilty of 20 counts including multiple counts of Espionage.
Like Bradley Manning, Snowden exposed ways that our government’s actions are not compatible with what a majority of people in the US consider to be moral, legal, and just.  And like Manning, Snowden is being treated like an enemy of the state by the power elite. We now know that the biggest claim made by Snowden in his now famous interview with Glenn Greenwald to be true- that he could” wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email”. With the NSA program X Key score; the NSA has the technology to collect data in real time of everything you do on the Internet.
Dream Defenders
Dream Defenders are pushing for what they are calling the ‘Trayvon Martin Act’ which addresses the repeal of Stand Your Ground, racial profiling, and the war on the youth –and demanding a special legislative session be convened to meet these demands.
Fast Food Strike
This past week saw perhaps the largest strikes in the history of the Fast Food Industry. Employees of selected branches of McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Wendy’s walked off their shifts
Bringing Gitmo To The Senate

Tarak Kauff, on day 57 of his hunger strike, writes “On July 30 we had a combined action both inside and outside the Hart Senate Bldg. A gaunt looking Elliott Adams, on day 73 of his hunger strike, managed to get there from his home in upstate NY and spoke outside the Hart. Perhaps not quite as gaunt, I also spoke to those assembled. Cynthia Papermaster also spoke. Diane Wilson was there and spoke passionately. Tighe and Gail from CODEPINK with Dr. Margaret Flowers commenting staged a simulated forced feeding which was so well done and powerful that for me at least, it was hard to watch.”


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