Terror Alert: Why Now?, Tar Sands Blocked, ALEC Turns 40 | Resistance Report 003

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President-Barack-Obamas-top-national-security-advisers-held-a-high-level-meeting.OBAMA TERROR ALERT
Even a former CIA analyst who was part of the team that hunted Osama bin Laden for years, Nada Bakos said- “We just showed our hand, so now they’re obviously going to change their position on when and where”. And Will McCants, a former State Department adviser on counterterrorism said -“It’s crazy pants – you can quote me.”

So what’s happening in Detroit? It seems like every time we hear about the motor city we hear about its economic struggles and everything in between, from the blighted neighborhoods, thousands of boarded up homes, abandoned local businesses, rampant crime, and a more than 50% decline in the cities population since 2008. What we don’t hear about is the new game that our friends in the banking department of the bourgeoisie are playing with the livelihoods of Detroit’s residents. As we know, Wall Street has a tendency to bundle, repackage and gamble on the market anything from Margaretville Mixers to Credit Default Swaps, and it just so happens that they’ve added Interest Rate Swaps to the same category. Joel Northam reports.

One of the organizers of the protest, Greg Goodman said: “ALEC promotes the interests of Big Business and the 1% while actively working to disenfranchise ordinary people, erode workers rights, gut the social safety net, destroy the environment, eliminate corporate liability, criminalize poverty and immigration, privatize the public goods and inject even more money into our political system, drowning out the voices and rights of the people.”

Human behavior is causing climate change, and unless we can reverse our current course no amount of clean canteen usage over Styrofoam cups will save us. But you and I are just individuals- what can we do about? Lee Camp joins the Resistance Report team to remind us one of the most obvious, if most difficult things we can do to fight Global warming.

Last week, environmental activists blockaded and shut down road construction that seeks to pave the way for companies like US Oil Sands to start working on the first industrial sized tar sands mine in the United States. Activists from Rising Tide Canyon Country and Peaceful Uprising engaged in a weeklong non-violent resistance training- the Canyon County action Camp- whose culminating action was the blockade.

The community in Balcombe, Sussex has been resisting attempts by fracking company Cuadrilla Resources to start drilling in their village since July 25. According to their website (greatgasgala.org.uk): “The camp outside the site is still going strong though, with people refusing to be intimidated by this police thuggery. People are staying overnight but more support is needed. Carloads of people arriving from all over UK. “

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