War in Syria Will Be Mission Creep Accomplished | Resistance Report 006

s30_05155874Segment 1: Mid-East Mission Creeping
The horrific suffering of the Syrian people must end. The United States government should have our full support in doing what it can to help ease or end the suffering. However, granting President Obama authorization to wage war with Syria, (even if you call that war an intervention, a limited strike with no boots on the ground, or simply a “strong message”) will not end the suffering in Syria, it will increase it significantly. We look at the crisis, and the alternatives, from multiple points of view outside of the binary lose-lose choice President Obama has presented to Congress, the American people, and the global community.

Segment 2: Walmart Strikes in 15 Cities
Thousands of Walmart employees planned to strike today in cities across the United States, demanding better pay and to protest the firing of workers who previously demonstrated against the company, which, with 1.3 million workers, is the largest private employer in the country.

Segment 3: The History of the Syrian Civil War (by Joel Northam)
So now that the mainstream media has the crisis in Syria fresh in the minds of western viewers after 2 plus years of brutal and bloody conflict between a hodgepodge of forces, including Syrian popular resistance, the Syrian Army, foreign sectarian death squads, and all of their foreign backers operating vicariously through them, it’s important to quell the ever pervasive confusion among the western left that has left some virtually arguing in favor of US imperialism.

Segment 4: Was War With Syria Always in the Cards? (by Lee Camp)
Perhaps the reason that John McCain was playing poker on his smart phone during the recent Senate foreign relations committee hearings as John Kerry made the case for war is that McCain knew that war with Syria was always in the cards. Comedian Lee Camp joins the Resistance Report to explain.

Segment 5: Back To School: Get Your Counter-Recruitment Kit
Rising college costs and wage stagnation in the marketplace make college a risky choice for some, and completely out of reach for many others. One group that will promise the class of 2014 a path to prosperity is the Military. Recruiters will be out in force, and like any salesperson with a quota, their pitch should is filled with myths, half-truths and lies. The National Network opposing the Militarization of Youth has assembled an impressive back to school toolkit designed, as their press release states, to provide community activists, concerned teachers, parents, and students, an up-to-date catalog of materials to counter the increasing efforts of the U.S. Department of Defense to militarize our youth in the public schools.