Walmart Workers Arrested In Nationwide Protests | Resistance Report Segment

Walmart employees in 15 cities went on strike set to demand better pay and working conditions from country’s largest private employer.

Protesters picket outside a Walmart store as holiday sales commence in San Leandro, California, November 22, 2012. (Reuters/Noah Berger)
Protesters picket outside a Walmart store as holiday sales commence in San Leandro, California, November 22, 2012. (Reuters/Noah Berger)

Thousands of Walmart employees planned to strike Thursday in cities across the United States, demanding better pay and to protest the firing of workers who previously demonstrated against the company, which, with 1.3 million workers, is the largest private employer in the country.

The strike comes just one week after fast-food workers staged walk-outs at fast-food restaurants in 60 U.S. cities to call for hourly pay of $15 instead of minimum wage, signaling a trend of worker unrest at non-union companies. According to strike organizers, many Walmart workers earn the minimum wage, which varies from state to state but typically hovers near $7 to $8 per hour.

Thursday’s action is expected to be the largest strike since Black Friday of 2012 which spanned at least nine cities, organizers say.

According to a press release from the Organization United for Respect WalMart (OUR Walmart) and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which back the strike, the workers are seeking a “wage floor” of $25,000 per year.

Strike organizers also charge that the company benefits from federal social-welfare programs by paying wages too low for workers to live on or by not providing health insurance, forcing employees to sign up for food stamps or Medicaid.


  1. How can anyone take this seriously? It’s transparent that the union organizers are paying people to protest and this isn’t going anywhere. It’s actually comical. I will give the organizers credit that they’re getting people to cover a non event.

    1. James 5: 4 confirms the resounding history of how Wal-Mart’s and other company’s obscene profits are made: unpaid wages to workers kept back by fraud.

      With your selective conspiracy theory that bypasses countless facts here, you haven’t explained where labor is getting the piles of money to pay all these strikers–certainly not from union dues! America has the weakest labor unions and member numbers in the developed world thanks to Ronald Reagan and his ilk.

      I’m going to pray that you experience the grinding and unjust poverty of what these strikers are going through. If you think that’s unfair, read further in the Epistle of James till you get to 5:17.

      1. I’ve worked a minimum wage job and have many of my friends. I have experience poverty and seen the fruit of hard work.

        That’s beside the point. You don’t happen to understand economics.

        Jesus asked you to help your neighbor. He asked us to love one another. He didn’t appeal to the government to do it for us.

  2. Part of the problem is that overpaid Christian preachers no longer teach the value of fasting. Labor strikers during the Depression actually LOOKED poor with their emaciated bodies. They were forced to fast. Although I thoroughly despise the Wal-Mart model and support the cause of labor, labor needs to add intelligent fasting to their prayers for more than one reason. Most the strikers here are overweight–an indication they are undernourished but overfed by cheap carbohydrates. All in all, we should still think smartly about what fat strikers LOOK like to a thin and rich CEO. My advice to strikers is to drink plenty of water to rid the body of toxins (that’s cheap) and eat less but more nutritionally. Above all, don’t waste your small income on processed foods.

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