George Zimmerman’s Wife Calls 911, Zimmerman Claims Self Defense

3b0b06416f63ee1e3c0f6a706700c50cTrayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, is claiming self defense again, after another run in with the law where other people were hurt, and he was allegedly packing heat. In the latest of a string of decisions that reveal the mind of a sociopath, including the late August tour he took of the factory that made the gun that killed Trayvon Martin, where he posed for a photo op with an employee, Zimmerman punched his father in law in the nose Monday and threaten his wife with a gun.


On Monday, at his Wife’s parent’s house, Zimmerman had assaulted his father in law, punching him in the nose, and yes, according to his wife, he was armed with his gun. His wife- who had filed for divorce from Zimmerman recently, feared for her life and for the life of her father, as this 911 call reveals: