Syrian-American Woman DESTROYS John McCain At Town Hall Meeting

23375594_BG1At a recent town Hall Meeting in John McCain’s home state of Arizona, the war mongering senator was completely taken apart by a Syrian American woman in attendance. Implied in her argument is the track record of the US government lying to its citizens to gain consent for a war that then increases destruction, increases the amount of dead and displaced. Increases the amount of children orphaned by a bloodthirsty and money thirsty US foreign policy. Increases the amount of children in far off lands who pose no threat to US national security whose lives will be ruined and who will grow up, understandably more inclined to fly a plan into a building o two. This is a view shared by a majority of Americans. But McCain can live with all of that. What really seemed to unnerve McCain was the wise suggestion that we pressure Saudi Arabia and Iran — each with a vested interest in the Syrian civil war- and get them to back off and create space for a negotiated peace.