Fukushima: Possibly The End of Civilization, but Whatever.

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Fukushima-MeltdownThe situation in Fukushima is getting worse, not better. It has reached the point where it is the greatest threat to humankind since the US and Russia came within a hair’s breath of playing real life war games of mutually assured destruction during the Cuban missile crisis. The situation at the Fukushima is the most serious crisis facing the world today, the fact that the mainstream media will ignore it until November is only further evidence of that.
Sources for Stories covered –
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Will Tokyo Be Evacuated: http://bit.ly/qvFkgv
Bangladesh Workers Set Factories Ablaze Demanding better Wages: http://bit.ly/1eCQQ5p
BBC Investigates Bangladesh Fires http://f24.my/15kJvUS
Pope Gone Wild! http://nyti.ms/19hj6o6


  1. Can’t you PLEEZ include the dates of each video? When you say “last month” or “just two days ago,” an evident date would help contextualize. JP (@$22)

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