Why is The US Government So Afraid of This?

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articlevOne version of the history of the United States is the history of the struggle for ALL people to be included under the WE the people in the Constitution.

When it was ratified, the US constitution guaranteed right and liberties to White male property owners- or about 5% of the population. A current perversion of the activist Supreme Court is that now constitutional rights are now granted to Corporations. The concept of corporate personhood is not the only ill afflicting the United Stated, but it is at the top of many people’s lists. One remedy to correct for the imperfections of the constitution (and how it has been interpreted by the courts) is actually within the Constitution itself. According to Dan Marks of ArticleV.org, there are no petitions to sign.

The work is already done.


  1. Wow, sounds promising! I will be following closely.
    Denis, your Occupy Wall Street documentary film American Autumn is excellent! Thank you.

  2. We at The Amendment Gazette interviewed Dan as well, and I think he’s being naive about a question we both asked him. If delegates to a con con are elected in state-wide elections, then billionaires, not just the Koch-suckers, will certainly make sure that these delegates are all-in for corporate power and corporate rights.


    On the other hand, we and Move to Amend might be just as naive believing that we can convince and/or pressure Congresspersons to vote in support of an amendment to end corporate personhood. In other words, “why is the government so afraid of us?” They’re not. The Wall St. bankers and corporate billionaires have their backs.

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