Obama Interupted, Laughs At ‘Hecklers’ at Obamacare Rally, And Misses The Point

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At an Affordable Care Act rally President Obama was delivering a speech defending ACA (Obamacare) protesters interrupted the proceeding by shouting “Mr. President! (Inaudible)! Stop climate change! For our generation! Stop the pipeline!”

“Okay, we’re talking about healthcare today, but we will,” Obama said, as the crowd started to boo the protestors. “No, no, no it’s okay,” Obama said. Before delivering a line that drew a huge laugh: “That is the wrong rally!”

Well, Mr. Yuck-yuck in chief, here is why those kids WERE at the correct rally:
The common denominator between Keystone XL and Obamacare is the neoliberal Corporate Capitalism ball field (if you will allow a baseball metaphor today of all days) on which the game of hope change is played. On this field, change means health care equals health insurance- mandating that we give money to insurance companies that profit only when they deny service. In the extreme, this means insurance companies profits- and the profits of their stockholders, increase when people die.

That is not hyperbole that is how the game is played.

Profit, in this game, is how the players win. The players this game favors are corporations, who under the infinite sadism of our Supreme Court, have been cleared to play in this game as people, be they health insurance corporations or corporations who want to increase their bottom line by piping the dirtiest oil in the planet through the middle of our country so we can continue to destroy the earth and increase the frequency and ferocity of super storms like Hurricane Sandy so that Rock stars can sing at a benefit concert and we can feel good by can texting our donations to the red cross so they can pay their salaries and maintain their bricks and mortar while the residents of Staten Island, for example, fester and wait empty handed.

So the protesters were in the right place, Mr. Obama- because it is the rules of the game itself that need to change.