Who Killed JFK, and WHY? 50 Years of Questions Yields A New Answer

With the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination upon us, it will be hard to avoid watching the Zapruder film and debating with your friends and in online forums like the comment section of this video, who killed President John F. Kennedy, and why?

The fact is that JFK’s assassination started a brutal trend. In the five-year period between 1963 and 1968, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy were all killed.

Whether or not you believe they were killed by men with ear pieces and black suits who knew 17 different languages and 17 different forms of kung fu taking orders from an actual organization of men shrouded in cigar smoke and oak walls and single malt whiskey making the calls or some other confluence of events is immaterial.

However it came to pass, the results are the same.

The results of those four leaders of American progressive politics being killed in such a short amount of time is that Americans collectively put our tails between their legs, our heads down, and we did what we were told.

So now, when we pick our heads up for air and look around what do we see?


  1. That Would BE US. Off to the Hague; or else Paraguay, Qatar and Kenya with the persistent perps.

  2. Obviously, language is an important part of any real change. I suggest the term “criminal class” to describe the sworn enemies of freedom and democracy since they could not prove slander or libel in court.

    I would also add prayer, holiness, and fasting to our war against the criminal class. I realize, however, that not everyone can forgive or trust the powers –purposely misrepresented by the media–that promote prayer and fasting.

    In regard to the JFK killing, the Great Soviet Encyclopedia says that “реакционные кругли” in the US, that is, “reactionary circles” killed JFK. Obviously, I know that because I speak Russian. I am of Prussian descent.

    That JFK was killed by the criminal class in America is normally taught as elementary school fact outside the US. Oswald defense attorney Mark Lane proved to a Florida jury around 1985 that the CIA was involved in the brutal assassination. This is still another important fact absent even on the left.

    When American Academy of Forensic Science president Cyril Wecht went to in the national archives to view President Kennedy’s brain to determine the origin of the fatal bullet–grassy knoll or book depository–he found the president’s brain “missing.” This astounding and disturbing fact rests on top of the open limousine that carried JFK in the parade being immediately cleaned up after the November 22, 1963, incident.

    At the very least, the chain of evidence in a very important case was as super sloppy as letting Jack Ruby in the the basement of the Dallas police department to kill Oswald. If low-level Mafia ALONE was involved, why hasn’t the media proved that? Who’s controlling the media and Congress? I say, “the criminal class.” Russians would say, “reactionary circles.” Eisenhower would say the “military-industrial complex.”

    In short, only a complete idiot would believe the Warren Report.

  3. Yes…i call it an intelligence organization..you a secret organization…either way a revolt will be needed simultaneously. I find it encouraging how many really good journalists and activists known world wide are discussing this very thing. A revolution is in the works….its a conscious thought and written about now on a daily basis worldwide. The reason it has taken what seems to most of us like a long, long time is that non violent resistance requires it. We collectively must be united… and united by our shared discomfort, and our shared despair for the future if we fail to act. It will be worldwide. There will be times, once again, when we will witness just how compassionate, kind, and nurturing we can be. It is time.

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