4 Reasons To Hold George W. Bush Accountable For War Crimes

I am not sure what it says about our culture when six figure speaker fees are awarded to War Criminals, but that is what happened in New York City on Monday, January 13 when George W. Bush took a break from his retirement and rigorous painting schedule and took his Texas swagger on stage as the keynote speaker at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show.

Outside, about 30 protesters, armed with art from We Will Not Be Silent’s word project tried to draw attention to the fact one of the worlds most infamous war criminals was inside, plying his Texas charm instead of spending time in a jail cell where he belongs.

The small number of protesters was disappointing and begs the question, should we simply let bygones be bygones?

We do, after all, have a new President who has, in many ways, escalated the blow back inducing homicidal bull in a cultural, religious and geopolitical china shop of a foreign policy pursued under Bush. In light of this fact, we would do well to ask ourselves if the limited resources of the greater activist community would be better spent on activities other than trying to hold W to account. I feel strongly that we should continue to hold Bush accountable, and 4 reasons why are outlined in this video.

I’m sure you could help me add to this list.


  1. I, for too join you in recognizing the same 4 reasons literally (and FIGURATIVELY) apply to BushHog DESPOTUS BarBarack Insane NerObama! Impeachment for the latter and two tickets straight to Hague for the BOTH of the imperious BOTU!

  2. Thank you, Dennis. Well put. All civilized people agree with you.

    Although it would be nearly impossible to prove that the best revolutions were preceded by a lot of prayer, fasting, and sacrifice, it’s certainly worth a thought. It’s certainly not an entirely irrational conjecture. Scripture and and the records of humanity are rife with stories of just one well-placed person who turned the tide of history without the shedding of blood.

    I invite all Christians who care about Bush and Company’s war crimes and the welfare of children to join me in a battle to reclaim the real Christian faith from the right-wing, CIA types who have consciously and willfully neutralized it. I invite all to this campaign who believe that God is not just love but FAITHFUL love. Sexual profligates cannot expect God’s help.

    Our sexual promiscuity–once curbed by the specter of incurable diseases like syphilis–still prove our unbelief in a faithful God who is FAITHFUL love. God cannot and will not defend our just cause if our political success turns out badly for the traditional family, the very school of love for most of us.

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