VIDEO: Massive Resistance Building to Stop KXL

Michael Nigro produced this exclusive for the Resistance Report.

Last week, the State Department released the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the proposed northern leg of the controversial and long-embattled TransCanada Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

As Steve Horn, of DeSmog Blog notes:

“In a familiar “Friday trash dump” — a move many expected the Obama administration to shun — John Kerry’s State Department chose to “carefully stage-manage the report’s release” on Super Bowl Friday when most Americans are switching focus to football instead of political scandals.”

Even with the Super Bowl weekend serving as a distraction, over 200 events took place from coast to coast the day after the Super Bowl aimed at sending a message to President Obama, that – according to “it’s time for President Obama to be a climate champion, not the pipeline president, and reject Keystone XL. Standing together, we can be heard.”


  1. BTW: what’s with the ad? Not pleased. Plan to join the Nebraska BLOCKADE: we will not be moved.

    1. Juanita: I have removed all ads from my youtube videos uploaded after Jan 1., 2014. Ads sometime appear on WordPress by default. I had to pay a premium to remove ads from the Acronym TV wordpress, which I just did.

      You will now enjoy Acronym TV & The Resistance Report ad-free on both YouTube and here on the blog.


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