Patriarchy and Religion: Built to Oppress Women

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In this clip from the full Acronym TV episode (The Catholic War On Women, watch the full episode here) Katie Klabusich and Kelly Carlin answer host Dennis Trainor, Jr.’s questions:

How much does religious dogma and/or men in long white dresses with funny hats hold women back from being an equal member of society?

If the Church is built inside of a Patriarchy, so to then, is the State. Can we reform this system from within through legislation while maintaining a patriarchal system?

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In the United Sates, one out of every three women has had an abortion. If you are a women living in Texas, and a growing number of states, access to this basis, simple and safe procedure has been severely restricted with the passage of Hundreds of new laws in the last several years that strip a women’s right to privacy, limit access to abortion and shame women into thinking that their choice about what to do with their bodies is wrong.

It’s been over 40 years since the Supreme Court decided, in Roe V Wade, that women had a constitutional right to abortion. The legal argument was based around the concept that women had a right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, and that right extended to their right to have an abortion. Perhaps no time in the 40 years since Roe v Wade have female reproductive rights been so under attack. From Texas to Alabama to Congressmen saying that women can’t get pregnant when raped because their bodies have a way of shutting that down, men, usually white conservative men with ties to patriarchal religious institutions are working their balls off trying to control women; specifically a woman access to birth control and abortion

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Kelly Carlin hosts a weekly podcast entitled Waking from the American Dream and her recent one woman show, A Carlin Home Companion, sold out around the country while generating rave reviews. She holds a master’s degree in Jungian Depth Psychology, but, according to her bio, her desire to be on a stage and yell the word “fuck” kept gnawing at her, and so she decided to follow the call of the stage once again. You can find out more at

Katie Klabusich contributes regularly to a number of radio programs, podcasts and TV/internet video broadcasts. She is an award-winning social media director, fundraiser and community-builder as well as the Activism Director/Segment Writer at The Best of the Left Podcast. She is also a dedicated activist who helps establish clinic defense escort programs, providing logistical and moral support to reproductive access groups. Her website is

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Dennis Trainor, Jr. is a writer, host and producer. His documentary on the Occupy movement, American Autumn: an Occudoc, garnered critical praise from The New York Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and more.  He also wrote and directed Legalize Democracy, a documentary short about the Movement To Amend the Constitution.

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  1. Once as a cab driver in San Francisco about 1991, I overheard a conversation in the back seat where a group of young customers were complaining that another girl they knew couldn’t have an abortion at six months. One doesn’t have to be Catholic or a right winger to be appalled at this.

    Fast forward over two decades later and the ‘morning after pill’ in America should have taken such brutal, nasty talk off the table for good (as if other forms of contraception aren’t available.) No one cannot argue with any degree of logic that late-term abortions are grossly insensitive to the most fragile and precious of human life. Many, many on the left who profess no religion at all find them outrageous, unnecessary, and disgusting. There is also an old-fashioned moral lesson common to all religions and philosophies about reaping the consequences of one’s actions.

    As for the Catholic Church, its mission is to promote holiness. Part of that mission based on Divine Revelation and logic involves the priesthood. Its mission prohibits the apostolic succession being passed on to females and the disabled. Note the latter; why just focus on females here?

    Finding a way to be happy with one’s lot in life–whether it be being less intelligent or capable, male, female, etc–is a very important spiritual lesson for ALL of us. How can one teach that important lesson if one hasn’t learned it–much less believes in Divine Revelation? That’s very illogical.

    Regarding Divine Revelation, Moses ordained no females or disabled people. For his inner circle of 12 leaders, Jesus himself did not ordain females or the disabled though they do have a very important place in the Church. Christ had his reasons based on logic and Divine Revelation. Again, how can one teach Divine Revelation or logic if one does not believe in them?

    Yet even Christian baptism bestows on all the role of ‘prophet, priest, and king’ in the spiritual realm according to the Church. The only thing a Catholic priest can do besides other Christians is to say mass and hear confessions. That’s worth destroying thousands of years of Divine Revelation and logic?

    Being part of Christ’s priestly inner circle offers more responsibilities than guarantees. Remember Judas; it’s no fast track into heaven. Remember that a few females are now doctors of the Church, the highest rank it can offer that I know. Though what’s on the outside has its place in life that can’t be denied in the real world, what’s on the inside is most important.

    Yes, the Catholic Church has floundered over the centuries in its divine mission of promoting holiness through revelation and logic. Yes. Yes. Yes. St. Paul even rebuked St. Peter once. But the Catholic Church has always bounced back.

    There are plenty of do-it-yourself religions where one can make up the rules as one goes along. They have been around for ages and many accept–even DEMAND, mind you–females priests. I suggest those who aren’t happy with the Catholic Church’s long-standing mission for rationality, revelation, and holiness look into those ever-changing fashions.

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