They Turned Her Water Off. Now She is Fighting Back

AtPeace Makita is a single mother of five, a life long resident of Detroit, and the Creative Director of the Detroit Water Brigade. She wants you to know that the push for the privatization of the water supply in Detroit could be coming to an area near you soon.

“If Detroit can be used as a prototype,” asks Makita “why can’t it happen in LA, Chicago, or New York? On top of the bankruptcy, on top of the foreclosures, on top of the mayoral issues and emergency manager, on top of all of it – now you want to take our life source?”

Watch the clip below, or you can watch the full episode here.

atv atpeace makita


  1. Acronym TV,

    please contact Deborah Tavares above and google/youtube her. she has been actively oppose the privatization on local counsel meeting. and Deborah, if you can make contact with Acronym TV. i always believe united together we have more power. Deborah has been a veteran fighter against the system.

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