350.org + Avaaz have No Strategy to Win Climate Crisis Struggle

Independent journalist Arun Gupta praised 350.org for driving so over 300,000 people into the streets for the People’s Climate March on Sunday, saying “there was a lot of positive energy, a lot of people came out. The organizers deserve a lot of credit for turning out so many people. It wasn’t the normal white environmentalists; there was clearly a lot of great outreach, but at the same time we have to ask where this movement is going.”

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Echoing the critique of Chris Hedges, Gupta was skeptical about the funders behind the march and some of the organizations represented. Gupta pointed out that there have been allegations that 350.org and Avaaz de-radicalized the agenda for the people’s march, in effect squelching early calling for a more Seattle styled WTO event, and pointed to the years of mass marches on a variety of fronts (anti-war, Global Justice, Immigrants Rights, Occupy) and noted that “a lot of these big mass marches have not resulted in anything. We are now in war number 8 and there is no anti-war movement to speak of.”

Gupta placed the People’s Climate March in a long line of failed marches, saying, “It is not enough to turn people out into the street. We also have to have a clear strategy of how to win this, and there is no strategy present.”

“There is a lot to be distrusted about the way these NGO groups (and) liberal groups operate because they end up shunting all of the energy into a failed political and electoral system, and we need mass militant street action.”

You can watch full coverage of Acronym TV’s People’s Climate March here and the Flood Wall Street day of action here.


  1. World leaders still need to be held responsible for whoring out our nation to the highest bidder. Businessmen will always try make money regardless who is the President and thats the nature of capitalism. I’m all for marching down Wall Street kicking in the doors to Goldman Sachs but let’s not forget why their money is so influencial to begin with. Excellent piece of journalism.. every little bit helps.

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