JASIRI X – Black Lives Matter and the 2016 Presidential Election

Jasiri X. courtesy of the artist
Jasiri X. courtesy of the artist

Hip Hop Artist and social justice activist Jasiri X joins me to discuss Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and who should the black vote in 2016. We also talk about Hip-hop as a form of journalism, the reason behind the “Beyoncé Backlash” and whether or not artists like Jay-Z and Jamiri also weighs in on why he thinks the Green party has failed to inspire communities of color – among many other topics.

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Episode breakdown:

(00:01) Welcome to Below The Fold
(1:45) My God (from Black Liberation Theology)
(7:25) The Empire v. Jesus
(11:00) Hip-Hop as a form of journalism
(13:00) From Ferguson to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime
(15:00) Why Hillary Clinton Does Not Deserve The Black Vote
(18:40) Why The Green Party Fails to Speak to Communities Of Color
(27:05) Can – and should- Jay-Z and Kanye West Do More To Shed Light On Issues Involving Social justice and Activism?
(29:20) The Reason For The Beyoncé Backlash
(30:00) Is Donald Trump Exacerbating America’s Race Problem, or Just Shedding Light On It?
(32:45) Dismantling “All Lives Matter.”
(36:30) Post Occupy, Where Does The Revolution Go?

Jasiri X bio
A new millennium leader leveraging the transformative power of Hip-Hop, Social Media and Technology into a new brand of social change. Jasiri performs nationally and internationally, delivering keynote addresses and speaking on scholarly panels. Jasiri has worked in underserved communities as a mentor, educator and community leader. He is a founding member of the anti-violence community organization, 1Hood. After garnering over 3 million YouTube views for his conscious elevating Hip-Hop, Jasiri felt that it was imperative to provide training for young people in new forms of digital media, empowering them to change their own communities and to tell their own, often maligned and marginalized stories. In 2010, Jasiri founded 1Hood Media Academy in Pittsburgh, where he leads a team of educators and artists in teaching young people media literacy, photography, videography, music production, creative lyricism, entrepreneurship, journalism and other 21st century skills. Jasiri X is a new millennium Civil Rights Activist working closely with his mentor, Harry Belafonte to address social ills of today’s society. Recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artist as Activist Fellowship, BMe Fellowship, the August Wilson Center for African-American Culture Fellowship, and most recently selected as a United States Cummings fellow, Jasiri is poised to lead a global generation in changing Hip Hop’s bad rep by staying true to his artistic intention – FREEING MINDS ONE RHYME AT A TIME.