Will Sanders Withhold Endorsement of Clinton? | Acronym podcast #03

Up until now, when asked if he would support Hillary Clinton were she to win the Democratic Party nomination, Bernie has always said yes. Without qualification. Full stop.

Until now.

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On Wednesday, in an interview with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks, Sanders listed policy demands he would make of Clinton, hinting that he would make these demands before endorsing her. Bernie’s demands of Clinton would include becoming a champion of a single-payer health care system, tuition free public colleges and universities, a $15 an hour minimum wage, and waging “a vigorous effort to address climate change.”

Sanders also made clear that beyond promises, “What we need is to create a movement which holds elected officials accountable and not let them flip (on issues).”

The new Bernie Sanders Strategy. Will he withhold an Endorsement to Hillary Clinton if Clinton does not meet his demands? We explore that issue and more on today’s Acronym podcast.


  1. I am generally in awe of bernie the man is in the right place and time in history but as it stands with both conventions probably winding up contested I can almost sense a replay of Chicago in 1968 at both events. The DNC may be willing to risk further alienation from it’s changing base however they do so at their own very real peril. usually revolutions are bloody affairs and the powers that be are very good at stealing them from the people in example Egypt in the recent arab spring. some form of M.Gandhi revolution where the people say enough and just refuse to function as economic cattle would be preferable to bodies littering the streets…but then again freedom isn’t free right? and justice for all may be unobtainable :-/

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