Jill Stein Interview: Can A Sanders/Stein Ticket Win A 3-Way Race? | Acronym podcast 09

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Kshama Sawant, the leader of Socialist 
Alternative, has launched the #Movement4Bernie. In doing so Sawant wrote that she is “urging Bernie – if he is blocked in the rigged primary process – to run as an independent, or as a Green on the ticket with Jill Stein.”

With the likelihood of Bernie Sanders losing to Hillary Clinton increasing, the idea that Bernie would endorse Hillary has to be a painful one for many Bernie supporters. 
Bernie has accused the Clinton campaign of finance law violations, suggested that she is not qualified to be President because of her judgment to align with Super-PAC’s.

Additionally, it is clear that DNC and the MSM have been openly biased in favor of Hillary.

For Bernie to endorse Endorsing Hillary now would seem absurd. 

And in that absurdity – let’s call it the #AfterBern- an opportunity presents itself for the Jill Stein campaign.

In this interview I ask Dr. Stein if she would accept a VP slot if Bernie were to seek the Presidential nomination of the Green Party. We also touch on a wide range of issues including: how to attract more millennial to the Green Party, whether or not we should be working to end capitalism, how the Jill Stein campaign has prepared for the moment Bernie would be forced out of the race and whether or no it was a mistake to launch her 2016 campaign so early.


  1. I’ve been suggesting this since it became apparent that the DNC is rigging the election. Several folks have bowed up saying Bernie promised not to but it seems his agreement with the party would be nullified by their underhanded tactics. He has half the Dems, most of the Indies, and a few Republicans to boot… The time is now!

  2. I think it’s better to have Jill Stein head the ticket. It would help with women voters as well as skirt the few states with sore loser laws (maybe?) Getting my vote anyway!

    1. I don’t think either one has a huge ego so they both would both be fine with being a VP pick. The case I would make for Bernie being Prez. is that he has more name recognition now than she does. I am so excited about Bernie and/or Stein. US would be lucky to have either of them as Potus. But together would be better a Lennon-McCartney team!

    2. Bernie raised $222M during the primary. Jill Stein raised less than $650K and you think Bernie should take a back seat to him in any election? That’s ludicrous. And laughable.

  3. Dr. Stein is brilliant and this interview was brilliant. Thank you Dennis.

    “A ‘write-in’ is like NOT showing up to vote” because it doesn’t get counted…!! That is something to put in our pipes … along with whatever else we’re smoking.

    “There’s one umbrella right now, and that’s the Green Party”. A Stein-Bernie campaign can win a 3-way race. Would Jill Stein accept a VP nomination??? She says all option’s are on the table?

    The health of my conscience is important to me .. and it’s still recovering from my ’08 vote for Obama. I’m voting GREEN.

  4. Don’t get me wrong I love Jill Stine and if Bernie doesn’t win on the Democratic ticket I hope he joins forces with the Green’s but she often answer questions just like any other standard political

    1. I would love to hear an example of this. Sincerely I would. I think I am most in line with her foreign policy, especially on weapons. Stop selling them and perpetuating the war machine. NO candidate talks about this

  5. This is what I have been suggesting for several weeks to each of these candidates!!!! What a powerhouse move this would be…and what a rocket lime beginning to a whole new paradigm outside of the either/or syndrome!!!! I am not attached to who runs for president/vice president either!!! Just get these two together!!!!

  6. Jill Stein is so right about the incredible success of the Green Party in state after state in the U.S., in town, city, local after local. The Green Party is the future.
    Watch Green Party Green TV for the latest on Green Party candidates for local, state, federal, and presidential campaigns.

  7. If Bernie Sanders is somehow unable to average 60% victories the rest of the way and Clinton becomes the nominee, then his joining with Jill Stein would make for a necessary, perfect – winning – team.

  8. I think the Green Party could become much stronger if they focused more on local elections. This would create a strong base and then we would be more viable on the National level. Start with cities, towns, counties and then work up to States and Congress.

  9. I’m trying to work this whole thing out.
    I’m still planning on Bernie overcoming the FRAUD AND CORRUPTION OF THE DEMS.
    I KNOW NOTHING OF THE GREEN PARTY, so I’m taking my time and asking more questions!

  10. Bernie and Jill could win IF enough people woke up AND were brave enough to walk away from either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party (out of fear that them walking away would allow the Republican or Democrat to win).

  11. She’s incredibly stupid if she thinks that Bernie will just “magically” become her VP. It all boils down to what she loves more: The Green Party, or the tempting solution of the White House. While she wouldn’t win if SHE ran, the Green Party would be a lot more successful if she deferred to him and let him run in November, with her as a VP. Only under those circumstances would he accept and they would win. But if she thinks he will jump on the ticket and be a Green VP, then she is on drugs.

  12. I was waiting for Dennis to ask her what it will take to get to the next level. How can you get to 15% and get on the national debate stage?

  13. A SteinSanders ticket makes the most sense. It makes the President a true non-establishment person and the Greens would still have a female President. Plus, a huge criticism of Bernie is that he has a huge ego ( I don’t agree ) so him accepting the VP slot disproves that criticism. I’m for a Stein & Sanders ticket no matter how it’s ordered and would advocate and promote that ticket 100%. It’s my firm belief that such a ticket could actually win the electoral votes needed. There is a silent majority in the USA who desperately want a viable third party.

    1. I’m sure you think you could have conducted a better interview. I would have liked the interview to have been longer … like a couple hours, as we seldom get to hear enough critical exchange between interviewers and candidates. As it was, I enjoyed it. It was casual and informative.

      I also enjoyed hearing the background about Dennis Trainor’s work AND friendship relationship with Jill Stein. It seemed that Jill was very comfortable with Dennis and that she also enjoyed the interview.

      Do you think you could have done better? I sense a smidgen of jealousy.

  14. #SandersStein2016 can win and is also our best chance of transforming America for the better. Personally, I prefer an Independent/Green run for #PresidentBernieSanders. Both RNC and DNC are corrupt to the core, with little hope for salvation. Our nation needs a strong third party and now is the time to create it! #SandersStein2016

  15. I’ve said this from the beginning, Bernie should have run as Green to start with, their views are far more compatible. He is no Democrat, and I think that is why the DNC has made it a point to give him a hard time, they want one of their own in. Remember, the DNC is a private organization, and they can do what they want, the primaries are not a government election for office. They could go against the voters in the end anyways. We need new parties and new ideas in office, the same old has only gotten us to where we are now.

  16. One state primary to go in august then I will join the green Party. GP is only on ballots in 20 some states with 20 some in play 2016 and 2015 , not sure what that means. Then a half dozen or so states that are listed as difficult.

  17. One problem with running Sanders/Stein on Green ticket: Several states have ‘sore loser’ laws that keep a losing candidate from one party from running on another. Now, Stein/Sanders would be a work around and she would then wind up being the first female president, which would give me immense schadenfreude to deny H that historical marker. Of course, there could be legal challenges to that law in places like Oregon, because he won in that state, so does that make him a ‘sore loser’?

  18. Dennis, Did you ever get a $109.10 contribution from us paid through WPY Crowdrise back on or about April 12th? We used Amex, paid, but never learned if they sent the money to you.

    Hope things are going well. Bill

    1. Jill Stein is saying … If you’re registered “Green”, then vote for her. If you’re registered “No Party Preference” [or “Independent”}, then VOTE FOR BERNIE .. !! Pretty cool…!!!


      On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 10:12 AM, The Acronym Journal wrote:

      > Bill Bruehl commented: “Dennis, Did you ever get a $109.10 contribution > from us paid through WPY Crowdrise back on or about April 12th? We used > Amex, paid, but never learned if they sent the money to you. Hope things > are going well. Bill” >

  19. I have read her platform, and would not support her because of her extremism on the state of Israel, along with a few side-issues. I would, however, support her as the vice presidential candidate to Bernie Sanders, and would continue to donate to Bernie Sanders’ presidential run in that case.

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