Abby Martin on Hillary Clinton, the Next CEO of the American Empire | Acronym podcast 11

Abby Martin joins Dennis for a conversation about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the American Empire and the #Movement4ForBernie and whether or not we should be working to end the American Empire.

So pop open a beverage and enjoy the show.

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Also – check out the episode of The Empire Files that Abby is talking about in the podcast here:


Abby Martin’s Empire Files:


  1. Maybe the time for growing economies has past, maybe it’s time to change from a growing world to a maintenance world, capitalism had its day when the world needed to grow, I’m not sure that’s the case anymore. I believe capitalism is the driving force behind the death of democracy, the destruction of our food water and air, and the beginning of the end of humanity.
    Or maybe I’m just having a bad day!

    1. Been reading up on the literature on non-growing economies. I’m surprised how much scientific study there is on it, it goes back as far as the 70’s, maybe the 30’s. There’s degrowth (includes disinvestiment), steady state economics (building a self sustaining system), distributivism/bazaar economy (economy designed around velocity of money, not accumulation, thus not profit).

      And it ties economic theories with physics: the economy is a process of transforming matter from a low entropy state to a high entropy state. You take nature that is full of energy and potential and transforms it into a product that cannot go back to being nature (high entropy state). If the economy is by definition spending nature, there is a limit to the economy, therefore a growth based economy will someday deplete the earth and is not viable.

      It’s very far from pie in the sky hippie/indigenous economics, if linked with entropy, it becomes more of a hard science than mainstream economics. It’s serious business.

  2. Fantastic interview Dennis. Refreshing, down to earth; telling it like it is. You and Abby are great. Keep up the great work.

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