#BernieorBust Throws Down Gauntlet, Declaring, “Trump is No Worse Than Clinton” |Acronym podcast 13

#BernieorBust spokespeople YahNé Ndgo and Greg Haddock lay out the rationale for their commitment to the growing #BernieorBust campaign.


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A pledge to write in Bernie Sanders or vote for the Green Party candidate at BernierorBust.org has garner nearly 100,000 signatures to date and lays out the primary election season strategy:

A write-in strategy is an innovative idea to help a candidate secure a party’s nomination. We are convinced that if this strategy is not employed, there is very little possibility Senator Sanders will secure the nomination.

In today’s podcast, we will discuss how the #BernieorBust campaign will shift tactics after Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton and attempts to circle the wagons by bringing his voters under one big happy Democratic tent.

About the guests |
artworks-000154502728-ucz2st-t500x500YahNé Ndgo is an activist, a singer, and a writer with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Writing and Literature from Bennington College. She is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Deep Blu Womyn Company, which connects individuals, organizations and businesses to artists who provide creative support and who produce transformative projects. Currently, she is a spokesperson for the #BernieorBust campaign. { More at http://www.bernforlove.com }
unnamedGreg Haddock is the host and producer of the Majority Villain podcast and spokesperson for Revolt Against Plutocracy, the home of the Bernie or Bust movement –An expat from Colorado, he currently resides in Germany. { More at http://www.majorityvillain.com }


  1. At this point, it wouldn’t matter if he did endorse her. I will never vote Clinton. It is a sad truth, that even Trump, could not be any worse as President.

  2. I think Hillary is WORSE than Trump. At least he didn’t STEAL the nomination. It’s embarrassing that all the stories about voter suppression and party shenanigans are coming from the Democrats this time. It’s #BernieOrBust for me.

  3. I have transformed from #BernieorBust to #BernieorJill
    And I believe a #bernieANDjill ticket would CRUSH the Hillary /Trump fiasco………

  4. Trump is better. He did not steal the nomination, the GOP wanted Jeb Bush they rigged the primaries against him but he and his supporters fought them hard, fought 16 other rigged candidates and have won; though another battle looms at their convention. I identify with their struggle and share common ground. 3rd party is a good option and so is helping them win against Hillary by voting for Trump.

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