There Can Be No Return to Normal: Dear Joe Biden #01

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An Enemy of our Enemy is Not Always Our Friend

At the intersection of the continued violent racist policing and killing in our country’s global Pandemic, and the Trump administration’s criminal response to both, at least two things are clear.

First, we must remove Trump from the Oval office.

Second, there can be no return to a so-called “pre-Trump normal.”What is less clear is the answer to the question: are we so beaten down that we will not fight for #2, out of fear for losing #1?

This new weekly series, Dear Joe Biden, will ask that you engage in a little nuance. And yeah, I know it is difficult to do in an era when the daily assault on common decency fired from the cannon’s mouth that is Trump’s bully pulpit. Right now, the highest aspiration that many people can dream of is simply to drive the Trump regime out of office. For many of us, Trump has set the bar so low, that —yeah—Joe Biden just may clear it.

And in that objective, I’m with you—but an enemy of our enemy is not always our friend. And Joe, you do have a long track record of implementing and supporting policies that quite frankly- are simply not friendly.

Dennis Trainor Jr is the host and writer of Dear Joe Biden on Acronym TV. A Boston based theater maker, actor, writer, and Associate Professor of Theater, he is also the producer/director of the documentaries American Autumn and Legalize Democracy

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