Go Left. Go Big. Or Go Home: Dear Joe Biden #03

Pass it on: Let’s all Tell @JOEBIDEN: STOP fetishizing the middle class. You know what, by definition, is required to keep the myth of a middle class alive? Poverty! @DEARJOEBIDEN EP. 3 FROM @ACRONYMTV1

Dear Joe,
As Donald Trump continues to flounder and flail, it might be a tempting campaign strategy to play it safe, win the electoral college, push Humpy Dumpty Trump off of his wall, and waltz to victory without much of an effort. You must be thinking that you can run a Hillary Clinton style campaign with only a few minor tweaks to convince some white people in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to relegate Trump to the ashbin of single term Presidential failures.

Make no mistake: Trump must be stopped. But let us also recognize this moment as one that calls for something so much more significant than the old Joe Biden middle of the road mentality. What do you say, Joe? You’ve got the votes of the centrists, corporatists, and the Karen Democrats all locked up. They are not going anywhere. If you pursue a traditional campaign, with watered-down melba toast policy demands, you risk the same fate as Hillary Clinton.

– Dennis Trainor Jr.
June 25 2020

Dennis Trainor Jr is the host and writer of Dear Joe Biden on Acronym TV. A Boston based theater maker, actor, writer, and Associate Professor of Theater, he is also the producer/director of the documentaries American Autumn and Legalize Democracy.

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