$2,000 a month for Everyone*: Dear Joe Biden #04

WATCH AND PASS IT ON: Let’s all tell @JoeBiden: $2000 a month for everyone* until #Covid19 is over. >>> @dearJoeBiden episode 4 on @acronymTV1

What would you do with $2000 a month, no strings attached, until three months after the Pandemic was over?

Dear Joe:
Remember, the effects of the Trump virus will linger for a generation. The time to agitate for outside the box ideas is not after the election, but now—when people are engaged. The proposal to give every American who makes less than 120k a year $2000 a month until the Pandemic is over is one of those ideas whose time has come. 2000 a month until this is over.

Pass it on.

Try to imagine yourself 20 years in the future, explaining the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus to someone who did not live through it. Go ahead. Come up with a metaphor, leave it in the comments, and have a blast. The overlap between what would typically be called hyperbole and the truth of the matter offers a breathtakingly wide-open opportunity.  

Dennis Trainor Jr is the host and writer of Dear Joe Biden on Acronym TV. A Boston based theater maker, actor, writer, and Associate Professor of Theater, he is also the producer/director of the documentaries American Autumn and Legalize Democracy.

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