Trump Secret Police Invade Portland {Dear Joe Biden #05}

Here is what a true leader of the opposition party would do: state clearly and unequivocally that he would pardon any officer of Trump’s secret Police who lays down their guns and abandons their post under a President Biden. To do so would be to play a card that Trump loves to play. It would also clearly pick a side and help keep up the momentum for systemic change that the reason for the 55 nights and counting of protests in Portland and across America.

Joe Biden, of course, will do no such thing.

Trump Secret Police Invade Portland | PASS IT ON @DEARJOEBIDEN EPISODE 5 ON @ACRONYMTV1

Dennis Trainor Jr is the host and writer of Dear Joe Biden on Acronym TV. A Boston based theater maker, actor, writer, and Associate Professor of Theater, he is also the producer/director of the documentaries American Autumn and Legalize Democracy

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