The Peoples Convention: Seeking to Build A Nationally-Viable Progressive Party— a Peoples Party (Interview with Ryan Knight)

As a rebuttable to the RNC and the DNC, The Peoples Convention, on August 30th, seeks to galvanize what polls show as “the large majority of Americans who are progressive, and the almost two out of three Americans are who now calling for a major new party.” 

Featured speakers at The Peoples Convention include Nina Turner, Dr. Cornel West, Jimmy Dore, Marianne Williamson, Chris Hedges, and more—including Ryann Knight, who joins me for a wide-ranging interview.

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In our conversation we:

  • Share reactions to the DNC & RNC
  • Discuss the case for a viable 3rd party on the left
  • Which leads me to ask: Why build a people’s party and not join and build the Green Party?
  • Assess the two Bernie Sanders Presidential campaigns and ask: where does that energy go?
  • The plan for the coming Peoples Convention on August 3oth;
  • The plan 8 step People’s Party plan leading to a Political Revolution.

Dennis Trainor Jr is the host and writer of Dear Joe Biden on Acronym TV. A Boston based theater maker, actor, writer, and Associate Professor of Theater, he is also the producer/director of the documentaries American Autumn and Legalize Democracy.

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