Acronym TV: because you stand for something.

Acronym TV with Dennis Trainor, Jr. cuts through the crap, tells the truth and can even make you laugh.

Opinionated, energized, and often funny, Acronym is seriously unserious, reverentially irreverent, and deeply committed to telling stories about the interconnected movement of movements in a way that entertains, informs, and inspires.

A brief history of Acronym TV:

Summer 2020 – Acronym TV returns with the following programs:

July 2020:

Acronym TV launches the series Dear Joe Biden. A video series in the form of open letters to Joe Biden from his left that mix analysis, humor, and a sprinkle of 1st person storytelling. Publishing on a bi-weekly schedule through mid August, weekly thereafter.

August 2020:

Acronym TV to launch a series of campaign style videos promoting specific issues (Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, Defund the Police, etc) that recognize that, yes, we can change the name of the President and defeat Trump, but what is really needed is system change.

September 2020:

The Below the Fold podcast returns.
Below the Fold is a show about the intersection arts & culture and politics. Host Dennis Trainor, Jr. navigates in-depth interviews with a wide array of artists, activist, journalists, politicians, and thinkers.

Dennis Trainor, Jr with Dr. Cornel West
 Dennis Trainor, Jr with Dr. Cornel West in October 2011 on the steps of the Supreme Court moments before both would be arrested for civil disobedience.

2011-13; 2016:

Acronym TV is part of The Young Turks Network—the largest online news source in the world and was distributed by Free Speech TV: a national, independent news network available in 40 million homes.

Check out a few featured segments below, or see all of the videos on Acronym TV’s YouTube page.

Detroit Water Crisis – a Prelude to the Privatization of Water

#MillionsMarch: The Post-Ferguson Moment Becoming A Movement
(originally aired December 16, 2014)

A Dispatch from #FloodWallStreet
(originally aired September 24, 2014)

A War Criminal’s Final Chapter: The George W. Bush “Lie-Bury”
(originally aired May 2, 2013)


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