Here is what a true leader of the opposition party would do: state clearly and unequivocally that he would pardon any officer of Trump’s secret Police who lays down their guns and abandons their post under a President Biden. To do so would be to play a card that Trump loves to play. It would also clearly pick a side and help keep up the momentum for systemic change that the reason for the 55 nights and counting of protests in Portland and across America.

Joe Biden, of course, will do no such thing.

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2000 a month until this is over.

Pass it on.

Try to imagine yourself 20 years in the future, explaining the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus to someone who did not live through it. Go ahead. Come up with a metaphor, leave it in the comments, and have a blast. The overlap between what would typically be called hyperbole and the truth of the matter offers a breathtakingly wide-open opportunity.

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Make no mistake: Trump must be stopped.

But let us also recognize this moment as one that calls for something so much more significant than the old Joe Biden middle of the road mentality. What do you say, Joe? You’ve got the votes of the centrists, corporatists, and the Karen Democrats all locked up. They are not going anywhere. If you pursue a traditional campaign, with watered-down melba toast policy demands, you risk the same fate as Hillary Clinton.

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At the intersection of the continued violent racist policing and killing in our country’s global Pandemic, and the Trump administration’s criminal response to both, at least two things are clear.

First, we must remove Trump from the Oval office.

Second, there can be no return to a so-called “pre-Trump normal.”

What is less clear is the answer to the question: are we so beaten down that we will not fight for #2, out of fear for losing #1?

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