Nancy Pelosi Challenger Shahid Buttar Makes His Case to Join the Squad | Dear Joe Biden #09

Nancy Pelosi Must Go

Shahid Buttar is a Democrat running in the general election against Nancy Pelosi in California's 12th district. In this wide-ranging interview, Shahid opens up about the two related allegations that have rocked his Congressional campaign recently, noting the rush to judgment against him enabled by what he calls a "failure of press ethics" in amplifying [...]

The Peoples Convention: Seeking to Build A Nationally-Viable Progressive Party— a Peoples Party (Interview with Ryan Knight)

As a rebuttable to the RNC and the DNC, The Peoples Convention, on August 30th, seeks to galvanize what polls show as "the large majority of Americans who are progressive, and the almost two out of three Americans are who now calling for a major new party."  Featured speakers at The Peoples Convention include Nina Turner, Dr. Cornel West, [...]

Joe Biden, Like Hillary Clinton, Wants to Win Without the Left (w. Luke Savage) | Dear Joe Biden #07 In his recent piece for Jacobin, entitled "This Year’s DNC Was 2016’s DNC on Steroids," Luke Savage, wrote: "Open contempt for the progressive left, speeches from Republicans, and a liberal class hopelessly out of touch with the moment, this week was 2016's DNC all over again — and the Democrats are at risk of [...]

the coming Great Depression of the 2020s | Dear Joe Biden #06

Okay, Joe, here we go—it's mid-August, we are fastly approaching the Presidential debates and the election, Donald Trump's disapproval numbers are rising in correlation to the rising case numbers and deaths of the Coronavirus. And to top it all off, you've just made a historic and meaningful choice and tapped Kamala Harris (3) as your VP pick.

Trump Secret Police Invade Portland {Dear Joe Biden #05}

Here is what a true leader of the opposition party would do: state clearly and unequivocally that he would pardon any officer of Trump's secret Police who lays down their guns and abandons their post under a President Biden. To do so would be to play a card that Trump loves to play. It would also clearly pick a side and help keep up the momentum for systemic change that the reason for the 55 nights and counting of protests in Portland and across America. Joe Biden, of course, will do no such thing.

$2,000 a month for Everyone*: Dear Joe Biden #04

2000 a month until this is over. Pass it on. Try to imagine yourself 20 years in the future, explaining the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus to someone who did not live through it. Go ahead. Come up with a metaphor, leave it in the comments, and have a blast. The overlap between what would typically be called hyperbole and the truth of the matter offers a breathtakingly wide-open opportunity.