(Political) Reform or Revolution? | Acronym podcast #14

This episode of the podcast is publishing about 24 hours before we learn the results of the final Super Tuesday results in California and begin the next chapter in the #FeeltheBern story. Whether that story amounts to, or will lead to a revolution (political or otherwise) is still an open question.

Lee Camp on how Bernie Sanders Got Screwed by Election Fraud and Voter Suppression | Acronym podcast #12

Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight, joins Dennis Trainor, Jr. for a conversation about blatant voter suppression, election fraud, #ExitPollGate and more. Like this podcast? Subscribe/Review/Rate on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Lee Camp has been digging hard into the issue of Election fraud, voter suppression, and the wide disparity between exit poll data and election results. He captured that exit poll [...]

Abby Martin on Hillary Clinton, the Next CEO of the American Empire | Acronym podcast 11

Abby Martin joins Dennis for a conversation about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the American Empire and the #Movement4ForBernie and whether or not we should be working to end the American Empire. So pop open a beverage and enjoy the show.

Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders: Shut the F*ck Up and Get In Line| Acronym podcast #10

“I have a bigger lead in pledged delegates than Senator [Barack] Obama, when I ran against him in 2008, ever had over me. I am winning,” Clinton told Rachel Maddow in response to a question about winning over those who #FeelTheBern. “And I’m winning because of what I stand for and what I’ve done and what my ideas are.” Translation: Dear Bernie – the party is over. Time to shut up and get in line.

From the Ashes of Capitalism, The ‘Next System’ Seeks To Rise | the acronym podcast 08

Dana Brown, the National Teach-Ins Coordinator for the Next System project, joins Dennis for an interview about the end of capitalism and navigates the “reform or revolution” framework during the height of primary season.

Abort Trump, #BernieorBust and #OpJillStein | Acronym podcast #06

Donald Trump embarrassed himself in a one-on-one with Chris Matthews. Will this kill his campaign? I don’t think so. Also, we talk about Anonymous new #OpJillStein Campaign and we interview Zaid Jilani of The Intercept on Bernie Sanders and the Superdelegates.