Anti-drone Summit Seeks “Drone Strike Transparency Bill” Representatives from some of the parts of the world where US drones kill descended on Washington DC for the largest ever anti-drone summit. Code Pink, The Nation Magazine and the Georgetown chapter of the National Lawyers Guild served as host for the two-day summit. As Majore Cohn, professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of [...]

Is The War On Terror Worth The Price? As the sequester kicks in, automatic cuts will kick in across the board- including cuts to the defense budget. However, when one considers how completely out of whack our defense budget is in the post 9/11 age of perpetual war, the cuts will still leave us with a military budget that dwarfs all other [...]

Dear Viewers re: “America, Love It Or Leave It”

I came across the cartoon by Tim Krieder while reading Ted Rall's essential book The Anti-American Manifesto. Those two things, combined with the constant refrain of email I get telling me, to "love it or leave it" (re: America), inspired the following video.