Why Millennials Don’t Vote and What To Do About It {aTV 007}

Originally Posted at PopularResistance.org http://youtu.be/VKMjT0zB5aM More than half of respondents in the survey, released by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, said they think elected officials don’t share their priorities, and almost two-thirds said elected officials seem motivated by selfish reasons. Less than a quarter of the millennials polled said they will definitely be voting in [...]

Protestors In Rep. Paul Ryan’s Office Demanding a Budget for People, Peace, and Planet

http://youtu.be/kIn-QRBmRw4 Only hours before Paul Ryan and Patty Murray announced that they reached a two year budget agreement (The BiPartisan Budget Act of 2013), representatives from a broad coalition demanding a budget that would cut military expenditures in order to increase funding for a wide range of domestic programs called on Congressional leaders to craft [...]

WikiLeaks Leaks Controversial Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Documents

http://youtu.be/v7UJ9v7IWSo The TPP is a Trojan horse that seeks to usher in a backroom secret sweetheart deal for the global elite, and President Barack Obama wants the deal fast-tracked through Congress. That effort was dealt a serious blow on Wednesday, when WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property [...]

Congress vs. Capitalism: What is Less Popular?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXahBGLTfgE This content is made possible with viewer support. To become a patron of Acronym TV, click here.  According to the article Freedom and Capitalism Don't Mix, Did you know that 42% of Americans believe that capitalism hasn't worked out so well for us? According to a Brookings Institution's July survey, more than a quarter [...]

Why is The US Government So Afraid of This?

http://youtu.be/K01K1wNFebc This content is made possible by our supporters. Donate as little as $1/month to support Acronym TV.  One version of the history of the United States is the history of the struggle for ALL people to be included under the WE the people in the Constitution. When it was ratified, the US constitution guaranteed [...]

World Class WarFare: Will There Be Blood?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWtY6BHIIkI A war is being waged against the American people by the super rich. It is escalating. “How about a war that fulfilled the dreams of the American people in creating an Egalitarian form of society rather than one in which the top 1% holds 38% of the wealth in America, while the bottom 60% [...]