Protestors In Rep. Paul Ryan’s Office Demanding a Budget for People, Peace, and Planet Only hours before Paul Ryan and Patty Murray announced that they reached a two year budget agreement (The BiPartisan Budget Act of 2013), representatives from a broad coalition demanding a budget that would cut military expenditures in order to increase funding for a wide range of domestic programs called on Congressional leaders to craft [...]

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Acronym TV remains fiercely independent, and VIEWER SUPPORT is how we do that. We are not going to spend the end of the year peppering you with email to donate to Acronym TV.  Lets get that out of the way now, shall we? Today- and extending all through this weekend-  is the Acronym TV Money [...]

WikiLeaks Leaks Controversial Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Documents The TPP is a Trojan horse that seeks to usher in a backroom secret sweetheart deal for the global elite, and President Barack Obama wants the deal fast-tracked through Congress. That effort was dealt a serious blow on Wednesday, when WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property [...]

Bradley Manning’s Apology Is Hard To Swallow | David Swanson Interview Yesterday, in an unsworn statement made during the sentencing phase of his trial, Bradley Manning, looking at Judge Denise Lind, and according to those present, struggling to contain his emotions said: "First your Honor. I want to start off with an apology. I am sorry. I am sorry that my actions hurt people. I [...]