The Illegitimacy of the U.S. Government

Originally Posted at In this episode clip (watch the full show here) Shahid Buttar outlines why he thinks the biggest enemy to the U.S. Constitution is a domestic enemy. Also, Kevin Zeese makes the point that the U.S. government is illegitimate. “Every member of congress swears an oath of office to protect the constitution [...]

Resistance Report Week in Review [#17]

The Resistance Report Week in Review is all of the segments from the previous week, rolled into one big show

TPP v. Democracy

The TPP is a Trojan horse that seeks to usher in a back room secret sweetheart deal for the global elite. Fast track avoids public debate- and would ask for an up or down yes vote from members of congress who have not yet read the agreement.

When Corporations Are People, #WeNeedaDemocracyMovementToFixThisShit! [001] Welcome to a new weekly segment of Acronym TV. Use the comments below and/or the hashtag #WeNeedaDemocracyMovementToFixThisShit!, to suggest topics for future segments. At the time of the first Presidential election in 1789, only 6 percent of the population–white, male property owners–was eligible to vote. Those same 6% were the ones who were “WE THE [...]

OWS Sending Delegation to Egypt

Here is the October 2011 statement endorsing sending Occupiers to Egypt for the upcoming election: Occupy Washington, DC stands in support of the decision by OWS to send a delegation to Egypt for the election.  The people of the United States need to stand with the Egyptian revolutionaries as they try to end rule by the [...]