#BernieorBust Throws Down Gauntlet, Declaring, “Trump is No Worse Than Clinton” |Acronym podcast 13

#BernieorBust spokespeople YahNé Ndgo and Greg Haddock lay out the rationale for their commitment to the growing #BernieorBust campaign. In today’s podcast, we will discuss how the #BernieorBust campaign will shift tactics after Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton and attempts to circle the wagons by bringing his voters under one big happy Democratic tent.

Drones in Yemen, Hunger Games In America, and Corporate Espionage

http://youtu.be/6R2IQqXXKi0 On this episode of The Resistance Report: 1. Dennis Trainor, Jr. talks about the 15 innocent people in Yemen who were killed Thursday by a U.S. Drone attack. The 15 homicide victims will be called collateral damage, and yet we are not at war with Yemen. It is a country that, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia [...]

RNC, day #1: Police State or Hurricane Warnings Keeping Protesters Away?

RNC, day #1: Where the F*CK are the protestors? http://youtu.be/SNCGUEP5SH0