Syria Endgame: Kerry, Obama In Checkmate as Assad Agrees To Give Up Chemical Weapons John Kerry learned the hard way that you should not play chess with the Russians. Early this morning, The Associated Press reported that Syria's Foreign Minister has said his country has accepted a Russian proposal to relinquish control of its chemical arms stores. Well what do you know? The United States Government, which would [...]

Syrian-American Woman DESTROYS John McCain At Town Hall Meeting At a recent town Hall Meeting in John McCain's home state of Arizona, the war mongering senator was completely taken apart by a Syrian American woman in attendance. Implied in her argument is the track record of the US government lying to its citizens to gain consent for a war that then increases destruction, [...]

Is War With Syria All Part of the Post 9/11 Plan? | Lee Camp | Resistance Report Segment

Perhaps the reason that John McCain was playing poker on his smart phone during the recent Senate foreign relations committee hearings as John Kerry made the case for war is that McCain knew that war with Syria was always in the cards. Comedian Lee Camp joins the Resistance Report to break it down.