The Drug War Should Be Over, Because We Lost The next time you see a kid in a just say no to drugs t-shirt, I want you to substitute, in your minds eye, the confederate flag because both are emblematic of the loosing side in a war- and just as the south was on the wrong side of the moral equation in the [...]

Sh*t Super Bowl Commercials Say

You are inadequate in every way you can imagine and several ways you have not yet imagined. Regress to the mean. Failure to do so and you risk winding up living in a van down by the river. Consume. Obey. Conform.  

The People of WalMart

Admit it. We’ve all had moments – okay some of us have had decades – that we are not proud of.  Most of us count ourselves lucky that photographs of said moments are not immortalized on Schadenfreude fueled websites like People of WalMart. But here is the thing: The world of, for and by the [...]