Full Show: Disband The NSA or; Corruption in the Capitol FO SHIZZLE {aTV002}

Shahid Buttar, the Executive Director of The Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance sit down with host Dennis Trainor, Jr. in this episode of Acronym TV to discuss, among other things: The Utility of the NSA | The 4th Amendment | Edward Snowden | The Espionage Act | Why the MSM treats Glenn Greenwald as a criminal | An update on Chelsea Manning | The Reset the Net Campaign | The Criminalization of Dissent | The Campaign to cut off Water to the NSA | and we ask the question: In what significant ways is President Obama different than the Straussian, noble liars that preceded him?

The Time For Obama To Pardon Snowden Is Now

Originally posted at PopularResistance.org http://youtu.be/TGb7HYOdo7w Now that President Obama is proposing that the NSA end its bulk collection of data, it is time that Obama take this narrative to the next logical conclusion and offer a full and unconditional pardon to Edward Snowden. President Obama’s War on whistle blowers (he has charged eight individuals with Espionage, compared [...]

Another U.S. Citizen Targeted For Assassination By Obama Drone Program?

Originally posted at PopularResistance.org http://youtu.be/qZGkWVdId2c Today on the Resistance Report, an interview with Kevin Gosztola of FireDokeLake.com. Two recent stories that shed new light on how the Obama administration utilizes drones in the war on terror came to light yesterday. First, Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, via their new venture First Look revealed that: “According to a [...]

Corporate Spying on The Resistance | Joel Northam | Resistance Report

http://youtu.be/bZ3W4z4q8U4 We hear the haunting yet absurd steps taken by the NSA to monitor citizens. Unfortunately for activists, revolutionaries, and other agents of social change, that’s only the “state” prong of surveillance. The corporate arm is much more damning. Joel Northam reports.

The Drone That Takes Out Julian Assange

http://youtu.be/-dUHNAW-tdM Earlier this year, as the Edward Snowden story was just starting to break, Michael Grunwald – the Time magazine senior national correspondent and poster boy for everything wrong with journalism, no strike that, poster boy for everything wrong with the blowback inducing homicidal bull in a cultural, religious and geopolitical china shop of US [...]

Journalism: The New Terrorism

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO89m1KT87E It has been said that it is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society.  And there is no way you can be awake and deny that we live in a profoundly sick society.  So, are you well adjusted? Listen, if you live in the United States or the [...]