The Debt Ceiling Crisis is Over. Sorta-Kinda Acronym TV is supported by our viewers. Click here to become a Patron. As we began taping this show, news about the end of the long standoff in Washington that had partially shut down the government and had (or has) us on the brink of defaulting on our debt was this: House Speaker John [...]

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party vs. Democracy | #FixThisShit 003 This content is viewer supported. Become a patron today.  Are Ted Cruz and the Tea Party the only ones to blame? No. They are, however, a great place to start a discussion about the Tyranny of the minority. The likelihood of a government shutdown morphing into a situation where Congress does not vote to [...]

Congress vs. Capitalism: What is Less Popular? This content is made possible with viewer support. To become a patron of Acronym TV, click here.  According to the article Freedom and Capitalism Don't Mix, Did you know that 42% of Americans believe that capitalism hasn't worked out so well for us? According to a Brookings Institution's July survey, more than a quarter [...]

No Budget No Pants! Acronym TV is viewer supporter. Pledge as little as $1/ month to sustain Acronym TV.  On day two of the Federal Government shutdown we continue to monitor the situation as Congress has all hands on deck in effort drive their approval rating, which is currently at 10% to something closer to the purity of [...]

Government Shutdown Apocalypse: A Survival Primer

With Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) saying Tuesday that the best way for Congress to resolve the standoff over the government shutdown is to tie the matter to the looming fight over raising the debt ceiling, the possibility that the government shut down could morph into the US defaulting on its debt raises serious questions about the austerity that may soon face us. As Chris Hedges, Nicholas Mirzoeff, and Kevin Zeese postulate, this may be a revolutionary moment in more ways than one. What are you going to do about it?