Fuck You Gordon Gekko

http://youtu.be/JItUSbaq7rs This is an excerpt from "American Autumn: an Occudoc" Get the DVD on a "pay what you can" basis by clicking the link above. text animation & graphics by AJ Russo original; music by Goldi written and narrated by Dennis Trainor, Jr. text You know that scene from the Oliver Stone film Wall Street [...]

Verbs for Nouns

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u9x7Clz9ZA A popular refrain that one hears when talking about the troops is that they fight, kill, and get killed, maim and get maimed so that we can enjoy our freedom here at home. The troops make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be free. Does anyone with even a partially functioning frontal lobe [...]

American Autumn: an occudoc • official trailer •

http://vimeo.com/user8904414/americanautumntrailer1 music for this trailer is "Greed", by Fugazi (Dischord Records) used with permission American Autum: an Occudoc will premiere in June of 2012. To schedule a screening, or for more information, visit Occudoc.org Written, Directed and Produced by Dennis Trainor, Jr. Camera: Kevin Egan, Asher Platts, & Dennis Trainor, Jr. Editing: Aj Russo & [...]