Lessons from Occupying Hurricane Sandy | Pamela Brown

http://youtu.be/hkkUYqu7G5k In this Resistance Report segment, Pamela Brown examines the lessons learned from Occupy Sandy in the context of the long history of race-based housing policies that have led to class based economic opportunities and asks, can these issues be addressed by localized organizing alone?

Occupy Sandy Gets The Job Done (episode segment Nov 12., 2012)

http://youtu.be/c95U67POxSs Talking with Justin Wedes about Occupy Sandy efforts.

Did Climate Change Make The Frankenstorm Worse?

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AcronymTV 30 OCT 12: Frankenstorm, The Stolen Election of 2012, & an Open Letter to John Kerry

http://youtu.be/BW6mebjutzk On today's show: - A Franklestorm batters the east coast (can you spell climate change?) - How the 2012 election was- er I mean is stolen - My personal correpsndence with Senator John Kerry. This is day one of the newly reformatted, expanded and updated Acronym TV: a full fledged commercial free viewer supported politically [...]