U.S. Asks: Who the F*CK Can We Bomb Up In This Joint?

http://youtu.be/w2B9gh-NeAQ As Margret Flowers and Kevin Zeese put it in their recent article, Can Peace Movement End US Empire? "Can this experience be the beginning of a transformation of US foreign policy? Is our nation capable of ceasing the never-ending wars of the post 9/11 world? Can we face up to the history of American [...]

Mr. Obama Goes To Israel; Fraud on the Path To War?

http://youtu.be/7eGQMUJd_3E President Barack Obama is set to arrive in Israel next week- and has set the bar for peace about as low as it can get, saying that he won’t be carrying in a grand peace plan for the middle east when he arrives. So, the Obama visit is a low expectations game of international [...]

Open letter to the 99%: Time to Make #NoWarWithIran a Top Priority

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnGWoD35Xog A decade ago, in the run up to the war w. Iraq, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in New York and cities all across the country and the world ... and war happened anyway. But was before occupy. Our creativity, our new way of thinking about protesting, and our crowdsourcing of ideas [...]