A Racist Assault on Humanity

In what could only be described as one of the most under discussed human rights disasters in the racist, criminal empire that is the United States is the prison industrial complex.

USA is #1 …in jailing its population

http://youtu.be/PL_2mS8hGzo This clip is an excerpt from American Autumn: an Occudoc. Get it on iTunes today. The question of whether persons convicted of a crime should be imprisoned or not is now increasingly influenced by economic interests. While prisons have long tended to be located in rural communities because of the availability of cheap land, [...]

The Drug War Should Be Over, Because We Lost

http://youtu.be/MKqW_OCFHJo The next time you see a kid in a just say no to drugs t-shirt, I want you to substitute, in your minds eye, the confederate flag because both are emblematic of the loosing side in a war- and just as the south was on the wrong side of the moral equation in the [...]