For Palestinians, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Originally posted at: In this clip from the full-length Acronym TV program, Gaza Solidarity Grows as Israel Continues Massacre ( Kash Nikazmrad, an organizer with Students for Justice in Palestine, discusses the current siege on Gaza with host Dennis Trainor, Jr. Nikazmrad echoed the statement issued by Palestinian civil society organizations (  on 3 October 2009, which reads in [...]

Ukraine Uprising: U.S Hypocrisy + Russian Aggression VS. Movement of the Squares

This is a segment from the one-hour Resistance Report Pilot. Watch the full episode here.  After two months of protestors in Maidan Square in Kiev, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych has been ousted and yet, with support from Russia, remains defiant. As U.S Secretary of State offers aid to Ukraine, he managed to tell Face The Nation (with a [...]

US Intervention In Syria is A Mission Creep with Roots in CIA Led 1953 Iranian coup d’état The horrific suffering of the Syrian people must end. There are now nearly 2 million refugees who have fled Syria in an exodus whose scale has not been seen since the Rwanda genocide of 1994. Inside Syria, some 100,000 have died in their ongoing civil war, a recent 1,000 or so due to chemical [...]